CB HET PATTERNLESS Tokay Gecko – (Gekko gecko)

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8-9 months old. Female.

The Tokay Gecko (Gekko gecko) inhabits much of Southeast Asia. These are large geckos that can grow up to 38 cm in length and can live for around 10 years in captivity. They are known to be aggressive and therefore can be difficult to handle, however with patience they can be tamed down to a more manageable temperament. To keep these geckos healthy, it is required to create a set up that is as close as possible to their natural environment. This will decrease stress and in turn, increase their natural behaviour.

This arboreal gecko will spend most of their time climbing up high and will rarely venture to the ground. Because of this, these Geckos require a tall tank to prevent them from becoming stressed. The minimum tank size for a tokay gecko is 45x45x60cm (60cm tall). This will give enough space to allow the animal to spend its time up high. Make sure a large amount of d├ęcor is provided in the form of branches, vines and plants. It is advised to provide a large number of hiding spots which will make the tokay feel more comfortable even when they are not hiding.

Optimal ambient air temperatures for tokays are between 26 and 29 degrees Celsius but the geckos tolerate night time drops down into the mid-20s. A basking spot measuring 32 to 40 degrees is required for basking, which should be provided with either a red spot bulb or ceramic as it will need to be used at night. Humidity should be kept around 60- 80%, this is maintained by spraying the enclosures 2-3 times daily. A UVB light source will be beneficial to the geckos but they will require a low amount of UVB as these species are nocturnal. The light source should be provided for 10-14 hour depending on the time of the year. Tokay geckos are insectivores and live on a diet of crickets and locusts which should be size dependent on the gecko and dusted with a calcium and nutrient mix.

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