CB Standing’s Day Gecko – (Phelsuma standingi)

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Size 7-9cm.
6-9 months.
Captive Bred Europe.

One of the larger Phelsuma species, Standing’s Day Geckos can reach up to 25cm in length for large individuals (much of this is due to tail length). Adult coloration is generally green around the head, fading to blue by the tail, with thin grey banding throughout their body. They originate from a drier region of Madagascar, and as such can tolerate a wide range of conditions, particularly lower humidity conditions than their brilliantly colored cousins will accept. They thrive with high basking temperatures, and to see them at their most colorful it is recommended to offer them UVB as well as a bright, white light to bask under.

The coolest part about Phelsuma standingi is their social and reproductive behavior. While they pair off like the rest of the Phelsuma group, the adults often maintain prolonged monogamous pairs, sometimes for life! While it is not impossible to convince a female to change partners once her original mate is removed, it is extremely difficult, and many females will not accept new mates once they have bonded with a particular male.

With patience, Standing’s Day Geckos can be taught to accept human interaction, and even tolerate moderate handling. Their thicker skin means that even an inexperienced keeper is unlikely to harm them as long as they’re gentle; it is still possible to tear their skin, but it takes considerably more force than with other Phelsuma species.

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