Microclimate HC6 Heat/Cool Twin stat 600W



The HC6 Thermostat controls both heaters and fans simultaneously to provide excellent environment control for your reptile. The HC6 is capable of controlling 600w of power which is shared between the heater and fan outputs. Heaters and fans can be combined in any combination up to 600w. Set the temperature that you require your heater to control at on the heater dial. The HC6 will then switch the heater on and off to maintain the temperature that has been set.

A temperature can then be set on the fan dial, this will then activate the fan to cool the vivarium if for any reason the temperature inside the vivarium reaches the set temperature.

The HC6 has a green power LED to indicate the HC6 is switched on, red LED for indication of power being sent to the heater and a blue LED to indicate power is being sent to the fan output.

Set max temperature to trigger fans

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