Psittacus Calcium Grit Fine 2kg



These are complementary foods for granivorous parrots. Calcium Grit Fine is indicated for small size parrots and Calcium Grit Coarse is aimed at medium and large parrots. They have been designed to correct calcium deficiencies inherent in seed mixtures and from increasing calcium demands during egg-laying and growth. Birds are perfectly capable of regulating the intake of calcium-rich foods according to their needs. Daily consumption will range between 0 % and 2 % of dry diet. Calcium Grit can be freely available in a separate feeder or mixed with the rest of the ingredients of the diet.

Analytical constituents: Crude protein 0.0 %, Crude oils and fats 0.0 %, Calcium 45.6 % (Fine), Calcium 49.3 % (Coarse).

Packaging Calcium Grit Fine: 2 kg bag.

Packaging Calcium Grit Coarse: 8 kg bag.

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