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Not all parrot food is created equal. Now exclusively available from Reptile Shop Online, the Psittacus range of complete parrot foods features over 50 distinct products which are widely regarded as the best on the market.

For over 20 years the company has developed and refined the Psittacus range at their dedicated research laboratory and extensive breeding facility, along with collaboration with other respected breeding centres.

The result is a range of pelleted complete diets with proven benefits including:

▪️ speed of growth of the young, its weight and overall development
▪️ improved appetite and increased daily consumption,
▪️ improved digestive processes
▪️ prevention of the bacterial and fungal proliferations in the craw
▪️ improved plumage quality, general appearance and behaviour
▪️ improved reproductive success

It is indicated to be offered dry or as a water suspension to adult parrots of the Loriinae Subfamily. If offered mixed with water, it is recommended that the resulting texture is creamy (neither too liquid nor too thick). It is important not to prepare it excessively liquid. It is advisable to offer Lory Gel simultaneously with Lory Nectar. Both products are complementary and should be offered in se-parate feeders. Birds will consume more or less amount of each product according to their nutritional needs. Whenever chicks are present in the nest, it is advisable that the birds have also availa-ble Frugivorous Neonatal Hand Feeding Formula or Lory Special Hand Feeding Formula (depending on their age). As a guideline, these birds ingest from 7 to 10 g of dry Gel + Nectar per 100 g of body weight. Ambient temperature greatly in-fluences daily consumption.

Analytical constituents: Crude protein 17.0 %, Crude oils and fats 8.0 %.

Many complete parrot foods are made with pellets in different colours, but the Psittacus range is prepared using no artificial colours. This makes the food look comparatively boring – and purposely so. Parrots are notoriously picky feeders, rejecting any items which do not take their fancy. This is even true with complete foods which have exactly the same constitution in each pellet, despite the pretty range of colours. Birds will often reject one colour pellet and favour another, despite their being no nutritional difference.
Psittacus foods negate this arbitrary acceptance and rejection process by making the pellets the same, nondescript colour. This also makes any additional treats particularly attractive and rewarding.

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