Vetark Tamodine Wound Cleanser 50ml



Vetark Tamodine Wound Cleanser is a first aid treatment for wounded reptiles. Accidents happen and unfortunately your beloved pet reptile can’t always avoid them. Clear up minor scrapes using this antiseptic treatment to prevent infection.

Effective treatment for reptile health problems like bacteria, fungi, yeast and protozoa, Vetark Tamodine Wound Cleanser is first and foremost for cleaning the cuts and scrapes your reptile is likely to pick up through their otherwise long and happy life.

Open wounds can be a problem for your reptile, leading to potential rots due to bacteria or viral infection, making first aid products like Vetark Tamodine an essential item to keep handy in your reptile first-aid box.

While Iodine wound cleaners can be effective, unlike Tamodine they can sometimes irate the wound and surrounding flesh and skin, giving Tamodine the advantage when caring for your injured reptile – Just apply it gently using cotton wool and then wipe away and excess fluid.

Great for most reptiles (but NOT amphibians who have a different skin-type).

* Effective against bacteria, protozoa, yeast, fungi and some viruses.
* Suitable for cleaning wounds, ulcers and infected areas such as shell rot.
* Suitable to use in the mouths of reptiles to treat mouth rot lesions.
* Easy-to-use – just apply onto wet cotton wool.
* Reduced irritant effect when compared to free iodine.

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