Zoo Med Repti Shedding Aid 64ml



Aids in removing dry sheds from snakes and lizards. Shedding Aid conditions your reptiles’ skin and provides a visible sheen. Long lasting! Works between sheds.

Zoo med reptile shedding aid is a Really good product. Use this for reptiles if it is shed left for what ever reason, or when a reptile seems to have problem shedding eg, older or sticky feet pads. You can also pre spray your reptile when you see that reptile’s skin turning pale just before about to shed to help shed more natural. To remove any shed left simply spray on to area or all over reptile if needed ,it makes skin oily feel. ( like what some species produce under shed to help shed eg corn snake ) after sprayed they soon rub of shed. But if can’t and you can handle reptile, then you can help by very gently rubbing it in, especially if on feet and comes off . But on soft skin spices they need extra care not to damage their skin. So this spray is a lot better. Obversley if problem carry on, always get a reptile vet to check Reptile . This is a must to have in your reptiles medical box as a reptile owner as very usefull and not too expensive.

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